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A Tale of Two Series


Jess and the Monsters Set

A Tale of Two Series

Jess and the Monsters, Season One is complete now. Jess has battled Werewolves, Ghosts, Witches, Crazy Mutants, Demon-Zombies, and the terrible Swamp Beast. She’s not come through it all unscathed though. She’s on the run, dealing with PTSD, and trying to make sense of her world. And if you’ve been reading all along… well, you know about the cliffhanger.

Jess will be back in late February with another 6-episode season, continuing where the “Swamp Monster” left off.

What’s happening until then?

Random Acts of Cloning 1: Impact

Our second serial series releases January 23rd. “Random Acts of Cloning,” we turn to a more sci-fi oriented series. A meteorite brings a new technology to earth that allows near-instantaneous duplication of living things, people included. See how this new ability changes the world, the economy, and the society overall.

It’s huge, it’s epic, and it’ll follow the same 6-episode serial/series format as Jess. Every other Thursday is a new release, with a “Season” collection as soon as all six are out.

Jess and the Monsters COMPLETE SEASON ONE SET. Click here to get it now from






New Book: Jess and the Monsters #1: Jess and the Werewolf

Jess and the WerewolfJess and the WerewolfA new series by Brian Schell and Kevin L. Knights!

Order “Jess and the Werewolf” (Jess and the Monsters, Book 1) from Amazon on October 31 (Halloween)

Paperback Link (10/31)

Kindle Book Link (10/31)

In this premier episode, Jess is a librarian living a cozy, ordinary life in a sane world.  Then she meets Jack and on their first date night, her world is turned inside out.  After witnessing a werewolf attack, she is forced to accept that the supernatural is actually the new natural.  The problem is that werewolves like their existence to be kept secret.  The FBI wants the existence of werewolves to be kept secret as well.  Soon, Jess finds herself on the run from both.

Follow along with Jess as she discovers that the everyday world she thought she understood is actually inhabited by all kinds of creepy nasties: Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and even worse… things. She’s helped along the way by new friends and other explorers of this new, paranormal world.

Each book in this work of serialized fiction is a stand-alone story, but takes place with an overall long-term storyline, much like an old-time ongoing serial or TV episode. Taken as a whole, the series plots Jess’s growth as she comes to grips with, and learns more and more about the world’s supernatural underworld.

New books will be released every other week. Stay tuned for “Jess and the Ghost” Book Two in the series, due November 14th. “Jess and the Witch” arrives on November 28th, with more to follow every other Thursday.


The Five-Minute Buddhist Meditates

The Five-Minute Buddhist Meditates

By Brian Schell, October 2013

Buy from Amazon Paperback or Kindle

Buy from Barnes & Noble Paperback or Nook


ISBN-13: 9781493571765
Publication date: 10/24/2013
Pages: 74

A jargon-free, plain language introduction to the basic concepts and styles of meditation and real-world applications. There’s no mystical mumbo-jumbo involved, just useful tips that will help you incorporate short, easy-to-follow meditation sessions into your daily life.

We’ll cover Buddhist-inspired meditation methods, such as Watching the Breath, Conceptual meditation, and Loving-Kindness meditations, as well as an overview of many other forms.

This book can be used as a companion book to the original Five-Minute Buddhist or read as a standalone book. No previous knowledge is required.

Chapter List:

1 Introduction/Foreword
2 Why Meditate?
3 Types of Mediation
4 First Steps
5 All That Buddhist Stuff
6 Next Steps
7 Involving Meditation in Your Life
8 Further Steps
9 Conclusion
10 Resources and Links

Photography Post #2

My previous post mentioned that I had been doing more photography stuff, and that still continues. I have a couple of gallery sites that you may or may not be interested in following:

Fine Art America: Link

Redbubble: Link

500px: Link

Flickr: Link

The Fine Art America and Redbubble sites let you buy prints, greeting cards, phone cases, and more with my images on them. They’re pretty neat. There’s also a link at the top of this page that takes you to a subset of my FAA gallery.

500px and Flickr at Basically just picture-sharing sites, but they’re fun too.

Look around!


IMG_1472I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with my camera over the past few weeks. I’ve sold a few photos to some of the stock photography sites, and that’s given me the bug to do more.

I signed up for an Instagram account. I don’t know if I like that yet or not, but if you want to follow me, my account is BANDKMEDIA on there.

Here’s a link:


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